Warrior-Tunic-2At Son of Sandlar, we have been providing the finest and most durable in hand-made leather footwear in all the realm for five generations. Our leather boots are made using the highest grade of premium materials and are hand-crafted with a standard of workmanship our patrons say are the best quality available in renaissance fashion. It is only through the “Son of Sandlar Process” of combining superior materials, intricate design and quality craftsmanship that we are able to produce the finest wears ever made. And now the superior quality everyone has come to trust in a pair of Sandlar boots is now available in our new line of renaissance clothing. Whether you are simply attending a renaissance fair and seeking comfortable and durable court garb or if you are in need of the most aggressive wear on your feet for a Sword and Board event, our beautiful designs are crafted to withstand the tests of the most rugged conditions. Owners of our products are confident in their quality because they know the Son of Sandlar name is synonymous with durability and style. Our boots are even guaranteed for life!

Son of Sandlar