My Leather Satchel

Care Kit

Treat your leather well and it will last you a lifetime!  Our hides are rated for 30 years of wear if treated and maintained properly.   Like any skin, leather needs to be cleaned and moisturized periodically to maintain its quality through the years.

We have created a grouping of leather care products for all your needs.  The basic Kit includes 3 elements – Raine, Mystique Oil and Mystique Paste.  These are the basics needed.  Add some color rejuvenation to enhance blacks and browns.


  • Add Black Magik or Brown Mojo to your kit to restore colors to your black and brown leather.

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Product Description

Raine – A deep cleaning all natural plant based solution.  Black Magik and Brown Mojo are color rejuvenation treatments.  Mystique Oil offers a deep penetrating conditioner and weatherproofer.  Mystique Paste is a finishing product to seal in long lasting protection and treatment. Apply every 3 months when stored or as needed under heavier use.


Additional Information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 13 x 5 in
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