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Low Buckle Boot

The Low Buckle Boot is a favorite amongst our patrons for its crossover appeal.  This aggressive boot style features a handsome set of buckles and has a more modern appeal.  Many of our cosplay and steampunk patrons love this boot for its versatility.  This style of boot can be worn with your garb, costumes or any everyday outfit.  This leather boot is perfect for a day at the renaissance festival, steampunk event or every day wear.

They are a favorite amongst our more cost conscious patrons looking for a little more flair in their footwear.


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Product Description

The Low Buckle Boot is a haft style pull on boot crafted from the finest materials and designed as a buckled boot that offers moderate ankle support.   Similar to our more expensive boots, this leather boot is crafted from the finest premium materials.  We use solid cuts of bull hide to craft this boot making it better suited for poor weather conditions, heavy mud, and bad terrain.  The soft leather provides a comfortable fit that lasts through the day; while the thickness of the leather ensures durability to last through the years.

Additional Information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 13 x 5 in


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